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On July 21st in collaboration with Oliver van Mierlo, Gerdien Blankenstijn and the family van Beek, I will have the first exhibition titled COLLEXPOSITION in the beautiful Villa Aurenjo Gallery in Orange, France. This collection consists of my own work in addition to works I have exchanged with colleagues or purchased throughout the world.

The exhibition consists of 27 artists from 16 different countries including: Roland Topor (France), Marlene Dumas (South Africa), Max Ernst (Germany), Ger van Elk (Holland), Douglas Perez Castro (Cuba), Dan Flavin (USA) and more.

The gallery was built by Oliver van Mierlo on the gorgeous grounds of the Villa Aurenjo Chambres d'hotes.

If you are in the South of France this summer join us for an evening of art, wine and friends. For more information contact

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