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Photo Erna Faust

This is the video of my installation titled KOMPAS BERGEN which was shown in the mansion Het Hof located in Bergen (NH) in 2015-2016. Highlighted are the four distinct directions that serve as a historic mirror of the village's past.

The installation was shown in the Garden Salon and consisted of more than 1000 antiquarian historic postcards. I collected the postcards for more than 30 years with the oldest card dating back to before 1900. I selected horizontal black and white postcards with some of them painted in with Ecoline. Then I then hand-painted each frame allowing each postcard to give its own unique message to the viewer.

Standing in the middle of the salon the viewer was offered a unique panoramic view of the past: to the north the forest, to the east the dunes, to the south the village/ neighboring villages and to the west Bergen’s beautiful beaches.

Click here to see the video.

Film: Sylvia Holstijn

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